SAT Essay Valuable Tips

SAT essay is believed to be one of the easiest ways to share your ideas with the audience. This kind of essay is the one that can be written via a well-prepared template available to download free from numerous websites. It’s not about Chemistry or History. All you have to be armed with is general literacy and a bit of creative approach. These essays are graded according to the impressions they leave; small mistakes are usually ignored. Anyway, while choosing between intriguing content and high-quality grammar text, the author has to concentrate more on the first. However, it doesn’t mean an illiterate piece of work will attract the evaluators.

In order to make it through, you have to get to the point and the main mission of SAT essay writing. Here is the list of reasons to submit such essays:

  • Demonstrate your approach to some problem performed in a given extract
  • Prove your words by turning to various reliable sources like scientific literature, researches, polls, surveys, studies and personal experience
  • Follow the standard written English conventions and obey the rules of referencing

As we can see, this type of essay is completely about your own thoughts, emotions and aspirations. Yes, it would be nice on behalf of the author to develop and suggest some valuable solutions to the existing problem, not simply identify and describe it. When the topic sounds like “Explain the absolute poverty in terms of Southern Africa,” it is not enough to name the countries, their annual incomes per population unit and reasons for that. In conclusion, specify the ways out of the crisis the local government has to implement to improve the economic situation. You may suggest different demographic policies, social benefits, ways to create new workplaces, etc.

Another feature of this kind of essay is that it is usually written on a real-time basis. It means that you pass it like a test having few lined papers and a strict deadline on hands. What is more important, you’ll have to demonstrate your accurate (or not) handwriting. That’s why it’s recommended to bring a pencil instead of pen. Any dirt will result into a zero grade. So, it is better to start training and preparing before. For all those guys with journalistic or writing experience this task won’t cause any difficulties. As for others, their essays often look as alike as two peas in a pot. It happens because many applicants forget expressing their ideas and feelings while giving naked facts and copy-book maxims to read.

Forget about “Quality, not quantity.” In this case, the potential graders would love to see a fascinating book story instead of one-page annotation. These guys from ETS simply adore reading, and they do have time to check all the submitted essays. Seems like they’re looking for potential writers – so, what for should you miss your chance? Of course, you don’t have to invent a wordy novel, but complete at least three pages of detailed description. If you are sure the time given for your task is more than enough, make a draft. Pick the most-important points and write the essay built upon them.

Your central thesis (statement, claim) should be placed in the beginning or in the middle of the introduction paragraph. You don’t have to repeat the topic across the paper: dedicate more space to the explanation, your personal point of view and outcomes. On the whole, the graders expect up to five sections by defaults. It’s not about writing a brief application essay. ETS members like everything large, even the words the authors are using. Select the simplest words out of your text while proofreading and replace them with more complex terminology or words of foreign origin. This trick might catch the eye of the grader and wake him up.

The structure of a successful SAT essay should look the following way:

–       Introduction (it’s not enough to state the question. You have to arouse interest and make your reader continue reading. The best way to do so is to involve some kind of puzzle or dilemma). You can end up the first paragraph by citing someone (one quote is enough). It’s better to skip any quotes in case you don’t remember the exact phrasing or the author;

–       The second paragraph should include an outstanding example based on your experience. Describe it from several points of view;

–       In case you can provide only one example, go on with describing it. Change the delivery to a more tragic or, vice versa, humorous one;

–       Discuss and analyze your example(s). Provide some logical and persuasive arguments, make the reader believe in what you write;

–       Enclose your work with some moral and educative lessons. Make sure your conclusions have a social value and philosophical background.

Basically, that’s it. Unfortunately, most of the time you’ll have to rely only on your own skills. However, you can get an excellent coaching from a professional certified writer who can accomplish any academic task in the most appropriate way. Besides, you can enrich your experience and writing abilities after dealing with such services and specialists working for them.