SAT Essay Valuable Tips

SAT essay is believed to be one of the easiest ways to share your ideas with the audience. This kind of essay is the one that can be written via a well-prepared template available to download free from numerous websites. It’s not about Chemistry or History. All you have to be armed with is general literacy and a bit of creative approach. These essays are graded according to the impressions they leave; small mistakes are usually ignored. Anyway, while choosing between intriguing content and high-quality grammar text, the author has to concentrate more on the first. However, it doesn’t mean an illiterate piece of work will attract the evaluators. Continue reading

College Admissions Essay Writing Rules

The college admissions essay (a.k.a. application essay or personal statement) is reflecting the personality and writing skills of the applicant, which makes it easier for a committee to pick up the best students. After all, it’s a real possibility of obtaining a grant that will save your plenty of money. Continue reading

Coming to Grips with College Writing

Let’s say you are finally finishing high school. Congratulations on that! However, what seems to be a relief is in fact a short break before the high jump a.k.a. applying to college. It’s probably too late to think about academic record but you can still make a difference by writing a strong admission essay. So hereare some pro tips on writing a college essay that might help you get enrolled. Continue reading