Application Essay Writing Tips

There are so many different types of essays. How do we differ them? For instance, application essay (a.k.a. personal statement) is the one submitted with the purpose of entering some educational institution (graduate or specialized school, college, university). The admission process is impossible without a well-prepared essay.

First of all, it is important to define whether you deal with a particular or an open-ended kind of application essay. In fact, most of the time students are asked to describe their life goals, desired position, academic interests, etc. However, sometimes a topic can be rather tricky and require all of applicant’s skills and abilities. What is common for all types of application essays, is a 100% uniqueness and original approach. Here are the main hints while accomplishing an effective application essay.

Concerning the size, you should mind the limits. The admission officers get tired of large volumes to read. Instead of 500-600 words, you can try to narrow your text to 250. You will kill two birds with one stone: first, your essay will be most probably read till the end and remembered; second, making a text concise and informative at the same time is a rare talent. What are the officials looking for? Exactly, for potential talents. They are bored to death with triviality.

It’s critical to mention all of your life achievements related to your choice of institution and future career, but don’t gloss over: most probably your lies will be seen with the naked eye. The situation might turn a hot potato whenever you start adding serious things you haven’t actually done. Finally, there is a big chance every reference will be checked. Try to concentrate more on one or two achievements, but stress personal experience above everything else. It would be especially interesting to read something unusual. I.e. mention if you had an experience in treating homeless animals along with organizing a shelter for them. Another good option might be describing the process of your music band formation: this case might show you as a well-organized and inspiring leader.

Despite the fact you might talk about few different subjects in your application essay, do not babble and mix them up. It will present you as an individual who is not able to arrange things in order and think logically, so the points can be subtracted from an overall score.

Check spelling and pay attention to conventional punctuation. The committees are looking for literal candidates only. Repeat the usage of commas, quotation marks, hyphens and dashes. Insert quotes whenever you recall a relevant one. Don’t overload your essay with too many quotes – it will look just as typical plagiarism. If you use some sources, make sure originality of your text is above 95%.

Make your text sound vivid: write it in the form of a brief novel or an extended joke. It should be clever and meaningful in any case. You are allowed to input some jokes to make your story live, but be careful what you write. Your jokes shouldn’t be rude or insulting. The introduction and conclusion must cut a dash: involve some shocking statements or unexpected twists.

Stay (or at least try to stay) controversial. Usually, application essays have a lot to do with an ongoing political and economic situation, which have too many aspects and are surrounded by a large amount of rumors. You cannot be sure what is right or wrong, so write your essay in the form of short debates with yourself. Highlight your personal thoughts, but don’t forget to point at other existing opinions. The game of contrasts will make your essay stand out.

It might only sound easy and obvious, but when it comes to the process itself, many applicants just don’t have a clue what to write about… Stop banging your head against a brick wall! It’s time to act! Find one of the professional writing services online and order your essay from those who have already written thousands of successful application essays!